To touch can be to give life.-Michelangelo‚Äč

Our anatomy is who we are physically, an evolving display of our health and diseases, our growth and aging. For millennia we have sought understanding of our structure; cadavers became foundational training for medical education, but in much of the world such a vital learning resource is unavailable for logistical, economic, legal and /or religious reasons; where human dissection has been a rite of academic passage, such programs are now reducing or eliminating cadaver anatomy to accommodate curricula for the sciences of future healthcare such as genomics. Content mastery and retention of the details and complexities of human anatomy require active engagement, and for long-term recall one needs to become immersed in the didactic experience.  The development of IMMERSIMED will stimulate deep learning in biomedical education and training via an animated, highly interactive, visual, auditory and tactile learning experience with unprecedented simulation realism. You will feel human organs through the skin and during their dissection or procedures on them, activate realistic body motions and analyze them biomechanically, take pulses, listen to heart, lung, bowel sounds, and many more interactive aspects, while seeing the anatomy in compelling 3D. The body can be portrayed as a cadaver, a surgical or clinic patient, acute or chronic hospitalized patient, or a military /accident trauma victim in an ED or on a battlefield. IMMERSIMED offers a new paradigm for pre-clinical learning of anatomy and its care during general and specialty clinical training.
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